The blockchain is evaluated among the most promising technologies in different areas: although it is now applied in various and numerous contexts, in reality it still has ample margins that will be investigated in the near future. One of these that is surely emerging with vast potentialities of application is that of Fashion. The Blockchain is in fact judged in a positive way for the growth of Made in Italy and this is because the microchips that use it, as in the case of the nfc (near-field communication), can inform the customer with absolute certainty regarding the whole chain that has generated a certain product, such as a stock exchange. Through the use of nfc on Blockchain, the final consumer can therefore know if the item or item purchased is authentic or if it is an imitation, if it has been stolen, where it was made and where the materials come from. which was produced. All this information can also be accessed directly from your smartphone, after installing the relevant reading app. Among the various uses of the Blockchain we find therefore not only the informative aspect on the quality of what one is buying, but also an aspect of prevention with respect to counterfeiting.

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