“If you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see”
Satya Nadella – Ceo Microsoft

It’s not a faith in technology.
It’s faith in people.

Steve Jobs – Fondatore di Apple

“Technology, like art,
is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”
Sean Gerety – User Experience Manager
“The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.”
Sydney Harris – Journalist
“The technology you use impresses no one.
The experience you create with it is everything.”
Daniel Bell – Sociologo

Digital humanism < dig·i·tal hu·man·ism > is the result of a convergence between our complex cultural heritage and a technology that has produced an unprecedented social sphere. Digital humanism is the assertion that current technology, in its global dimension, is a culture. HUDI’s mission is to spread this culture with passion.


Modern Workplace

The adoption of Modern Workplace technologies leads to redesigning professional conversations. HUDI studies and shares what we can define as Future of Work Digital..

Intelligent Cloud

Using the immense power of the cloud to develop intelligent applications, for HUDI this means being able to finally optimize the investments of its customers.

Data & AI

I Data is everywhere, it is of any nature, importance and volume. For companies, the difference today is knowing how to manage them and for HUDI the mission is to make this happen.

Change & Adoption Management

LDigital transformation generates discontinuity so it is necessary to manage all the changes necessary to obtain real benefits in an integrated way.

Modern Apps

HUDi has long embraced the new development paradigms of modern apps, putting the use experience at the center of the design. Greater engagement and greater efficiency are the most significant results. 


Business Solutions

Improve customer management, optimize internal resources and create innovation in processes by adopting the best business solutions.


The disruption has become a new normal, let us change the future with you



Creating the most stimulating, challenging, and rewarding experience by Sharing our capacity and professional practice and Inspiring our customers to get the best results


“The real question is, when will we draft an artificial intelligence bill of rights? What will that consist of? And who will get to decide that?” – Gray Scott


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