Digital humanism < dig·i·tal hu·man·ism > is the result of a convergence between our complex cultural heritage and a technology that has produced an unprecedented social sphere. Digital humanism is the assertion that current technology, in its global dimension, is a culture. HUDI’s mission is to spread this culture with passion.

Modern Workplace

Today with modern workplace we certainly mean the ability to be able to work from anywhere and at any time alone, in teams or in groups as long as with the right information and the most appropriate tools. Digital collaboration reduces time, risk and misunderstanding and increases efficiency and effectiveness. We help you get the greatest benefits from implementing the best technologies.

Business Solutions

In HUDI we help companies to identify the best and most innovative business opportunities to improve their performance, making technology and strategic choices related. With the business solution concept we offer solutions that can support the management of the entire company organization and guarantee sustainable growth for the future.

Data & AI

Data is everywhere, of any nature, importance and volume. For companies, the difference today is knowing how to manage and read them carefully, even if the quantities are beyond the capacity for human attention, thanks to AI’s help. HUDI has invested in creating a Data Scientist structure, has built solid relationships with the most representative universities and puts in place a team of resources with a passion for enabling technologies.

Modern Apps

Modern web applications must meet increasingly important needs and expectations. Today, web apps must be easily available, secure and must be usable on any device or screen of any size. Every day more complex scenarios must therefore be able to be managed with complete and satisfying user experiences.

Intelligent Cloud

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Services and much more. This is what is meant by Intelligent Cloud. For HUDI this means the ability to bring real innovation by offering the appropriate levels of infrastructure but remaining focused on processes and organizations supporting the core business.

Change & Adoption Management

The adoption of new technologies within companies has always been a challenge. Successfully introducing more complexity or a new way of working in people’s lives requires effort on different levels, regardless of the specific technology. At HUDI, one of the priorities is knowing how to promote and manage change, looking for the best practices for its customers every day.